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The Doctors of Sutton Animal Hospital understand the strong human-animal bond and aim to deliver the highest customer service while providing tailored veterinary care for your pet.

Neutering/Spaying and Deciduous Teeth Removal

We highly recommend and promote spaying (females) and neutering (males) your puppy or adult dog.  Spaying or neutering is generally performed at 6 months of age. 

Ideally, a female dog will be spayed prior to  having a heat cycle.  Multiple heat (estrus) cycles can lead to future infections within the uterus, mammary cancer, and uterine cancer.  This does not occur in every female but prevention is key.  Spaying also will prevent unwanted pregnancies and help to decrease over-population. 

Neutering your puppy can help prevent aggression, urine marking and prostatic disease as your pet matures. 

While your puppy is under anesthesia, we will check for any remaining deciduous (baby) teeth that have not fallen out.  If they have not fallen out and there is an adult tooth present, we will remove the deciduous tooth to prevent overcrowding in the mouth.

Puppy Care

The staff at Sutton Animal Hospital would like to congratulate you on your new puppy and are excited to meet the new member of your family. Please remember to bring his/her medical history provided to you by the breeder, pet store or shelter to your appointment. We also ask that you bring a stool sample so that we can check for parasites. Your puppy's first visit will include a physical exam, administration of necessary vaccinations, deworming if needed, and discussing parasite prevention, nutrition, socializing and house training.


Vaccinations are an important part of your puppy’s health.  Vaccinations are geared toward prevention of diseases and it is important to have your dog properly immunized throughout their life. At Sutton Animal Hospital we will tailor your puppy's vaccine protocol to his/her exposure risk and needs.   If you ever have any questions regarding your puppy's vaccines, please call the office (212) 935-0823.


Feeding for young animals should be at least three times a day.  When your puppy gets older, you can feed them twice a day.  Puppies should ideally be on a puppy diet until at least 6 months of age and then by 1 year old, they should be on an adult formulation.  You may feed either dry food, canned food or a combination of both. 
Food should always be available for puppies that weigh less than 5 pounds and who are between the ages of 6 - 9 weeks. This will help prevent hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).

During your puppy's visit, we will discuss which diet will be best for your new friend.