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The Doctors of Sutton Animal Hospital understand the strong human-animal bond and aim to deliver the highest customer service while providing tailored veterinary care for your pet.

At Sutton Animal Hospital, we understand the importance of dental care at all ages. We encourage owners to introduce good oral care habits such as regular brushing of their pet's teeth, mouth rinses, dental treats, and special diets when their pets are young. During exams, puppies and kittens are evaluated for congenital abnormalities, missing or excessive teeth, and problems related to retained deciduous teeth (baby teeth). If any of these are noted, our doctors will discuss options to correct any potential issues to help insure the future dental health of your pet. 

As pets age, the buildup of plaque and tartar can lead to periodontal disease, which can ultimately cause infections, pain, and tooth loss.  Periodontal disease affects a pet's overall health, and can impact the cardiovascular and hepatic systems. We recommend annual dental examinations, and regular professional dental cleanings to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Dental cleanings are performed under general anesthesia so that your pet's teeth may be safely and properly assessed. While many owners have concerns about the use of general anesthesia, without it animals are actually at greater risk for self-injury from sharp dental instruments, pain from sensitive gums and teeth and potential infection.  Attempting to perform a dental cleaning without anesthesia can also create anxiety for the pet, especially for follow up home care.  At Sutton Animal Hospital we make sure pets are thoroughly assessed before receiving general anesthesia and we perform pre-anesthetic diagnostic tests for all our patients. Anesthetic protocols are carefully tailored to each pet and our patients are carefully monitored during and after every procedure.

Our doctors have extensive training and experience in dental assessment and treatment.  During the dental cleaning, we perform a thorough oral exam, and ultrasonically clean and polish the teeth.  Digital dental radiographs are taken so we can completely evaluate the entire oral cavity.  Often significant dental disease is hidden below the gum line and cannot be visualized without the aid of an x-ray. Doctors will perform any extractions that are necessary. and provide a fluoride treatment to help strengthen tooth enamel as well as a sealant to help prevent plaque formation.  Patients typically can go home at the end of the day following dental procedures. 

Dental home care is an important part of keeping your pet's teeth healthy between cleanings.  Various forms of home care can be used, including brushing the teeth (using only toothpaste made for pets), mouth rinses, water additives, and special treats and diets. The doctors at Sutton Animal Hospital can review specific recommendations tailored to your pet's needs. Please click on the video to the right for a demonstration on how to brush your pet's teeth.

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